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What was it like back in my day? It's the same today as it was 20 years ago…

Mark Warburton – Director & Founder | Pioneer Search

I was asked recently, "What was it like back in my day?"…

Once I started blinking, breathing and my heart rate slowed (the realisation that's what a young person asks an older person), I composed myself feeling I should give this some thought.

I considered the answer, with my response simply being, "It's the same today as it was 20 years ago…."

The year I joined the industry, we had the non-event that was Y2K, followed by the dotcom bubble and the introduction of v1.0 IR35 tax reform (the CEO of my first Agency held a meeting saying contracting was dead at that point). 

This was only the beginning...

Within my first ten years of recruitment, I witnessed the terrible event of 9/11 and then the Credit crisis of 08/09. Admittedly, it wasn't a pandemic or anything quite as globally far-reaching as what we all have endured in the past 18 months.

Throughout my recruitment career, there has been a STOP/START demand for talent and a never-ending sea of change to navigate. 

The 2021 market is no different; our clients are looking for quality over quantity, relationships are valued more now than a sales call. Dare I say it, but some good old fashioned customer service for our candidates and clients is working as always. 

With over 1.1 million open vacancies, the demand far outweighs supply and looks set to continue... 

Off the back of what has been a record quarter for candidate placements here at Pioneer Search, here are the 3 biggest trends and changes I’ve seen in Q3 2021:

  1. IR35 v2.0

The updated IR35 legislation finally changed in April after a year’s deferral. The prediction of "contracting is over" was vastly overstated, in fact now the dust has settled we are seeing contract vacancies well above pre-pandemic levels. With the ongoing talent shortages, employers are turning to the contractor market to deliver their IT projects once more and the conversation around the CEST tool and revised employer costs is now part of a normal daily call.

  1. There are two types of candidates now, The Mover & The Stayer. 
    Candidates are back on the move, looking at 2022 and getting their career targets back on track. The ripple effect of three consecutive quarters of job market recovery and continued skills shortages have meant candidates are growing in confidence to change jobs. 

    However, most candidates are cautious and worried about changing their jobs due to the impact of the pandemic. We still hear certain things from candidates like 'we're in a pandemic, it's too risky' and 'I think I'll wait until next year, I'm worried about last in first out.' 

    The stayer is on the losing side of this outcome as the movers get the first pick of all the best jobs/opportunities on the market. 

  2. In-person business meetings and interviews are back. 
    I call these the sticky meetings, the ones where you really get to know the people, decide if this is the right career move and company to join. 

    Our clients who have re-opened their doors to in-person meetings/interviews face fewer counter offer challenges and ultimately hire the best people.

How we can help?

If you want to find out more about what's going on in your market or would like seek our support and advice on any of the points above, please get in touch today to speak with the Pioneer Search team and I.