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Mark Warburton



Frighteningly, I have been in Agency Recruitment for nearly 20 years with the past 15 years of that spent running two companies. Recruitment was a natural choice for me as I always knew I wanted to work with people, not always be locked to my desk and be able to achieve in an industry that has few limits. Wind the clock forward and I have been fortunate enough to work across the US, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong and Singapore along with my primary focus in the UK.

The majority of my career has been spent in technology recruitment, building teams that supply contract and permanent resources to Financial Services. The team at Pioneer is built around high standards, ethics, partnership for candidates and clients alike and a genuine desire to do a great job.

Pioneer now focuses on Technology, Change and Electronic Engineering from our HQ in London.

3 words to describe working at Pioneer Search? Focused, Transparent, make sure you enjoy it! (slightly more than 3 words)

Outside of work you will find me busy with my 2 daughters, cooking up a feast, attempting some kind of Eddie the Eagle impression on the snow or shouting four on the golf course!