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The History of Cloud Computing

We’ve spoken a lot about what’s coming in 2020 within the Tech world but, today we’re taking a look back at the History of Cloud Computing – which unbelievably began in the 1960’s!

As you would imagine The Cloud has been through a lot of changes with new platforms and products coming to market. However, unlike other technologies the 2 ‘Cloud Pioneers’; Salesforce and AWS have certainly stood the test of time, and with the global Cloud Computing market estimated to exceed £240 billion in 2020 both AWS and Salesforce are only going to continue to grow.

Although AWS is a massive name in the Cloud market, whilst speaking to clients about their requirements, Abiodun who works in our Technology division has found that in the last year a number of organisations are going through cloud migrations from AWS to GCP. He believes the changeover to GCP is based on the quick cloud storage access, serverless environments and simplicity that Google can offer. Will GCP take over AWS? Only time will tell...