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Pioneer Giving

Pioneer Giving

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As part of Pioneer Search's journey Mark felt it was important to give something back, to do this he asked each Pioneer to pitch a charity they would personally like to work with. As a company we all voted for the charity Pioneer Search would support. Our Office Manager India's charity won the vote and we will be working with YoungMinds! Here's why; 

"3 children in every classroom suffer from a mental illness, with half of all mental health problems appearing before the age of 14. YoungMinds work to help and increase awareness of mental health in young children.

In my first year of Sixth Form my friend committed suicide. I look back at his time at school and I truly believe that if he had sought advice or known that help was available he would still be here today."

YoungMinds are #FightingFor a new era where support is available for every young person. Here's a word from them directly to show some of the work they are already doing;

For ways to donate and to find out more about how you can help fight for a new era head to their page; YoungMinds

We offer a referral scheme of £250* if we successfully place someone you know. If you refer us someone using the below form you can choose to donate your referral fee to YoungMinds, if you choose to do so, Pioneer will match your donation and also donate £250!

Form ID:2359


In line with our charity commitment we felt that it was important to be giving something back through our day jobs not only with organised fundraising. If you are an existing or new client and want to help young people succeed in their lives as well as filling a live vacancy, you can submit your vacancy via the below form and when we fill the position, we will donate 5% of the placement fee to YoungMinds!

When we succeed you can help all the YoungMinds members to succeed and have a brighter future.

Form ID:2351

Pioneer Search will be working with YoungMinds, taking part in individual and team fundraising events including;

  • London Landmarks Half Marathon - Raisied over £350!
  • The Hackney Half Marathon - Raised over £450!
  • RideLondon - Smashed the 100 miles in 7hrs 20mins!
  • Tough Mudder - A great team effort by everyone that took part!
  • #HelloYellow day - We raised £90 just by wearing yellow and baking some cakes!
  • 26k on the 26th - Raised £500 for YoungMinds 

Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for updates on events and other ways to donate if you would also like to help change the way we look at mental health!

YoungMinds Charity