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Pioneer Video Interviewing

Pioneer Video Interviewing Powered by Odro

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We want to be ahead of the game and allow our candidates to find jobs when and wherever they are and allow our clients to hire as easily and as quickly as they can. That's why we have introduced Pioneer Video Interviewing Powered by Odro.

With a portal that you can access on any device from any location you can now showcase why you're the best candidate for the job or view a tailored shortlist with CVs alongside candidate video interviews highlighting their relevant skills for your job!

Want to find out more about how video interviewing can work for you? Get in touch using the form below:

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Highlight your skills

Not only will a hirer get to see your CV, but they will also see a video of you alongside describing your achievements, skills and reasons for looking to change jobs and this will serve as your initial interview

Showcase why you're the right candidate for the job 

As well as showcasing your soft skills whilst being interviewed by one of our recruiters, you will also be able to highlight why you're a perfect match to the job by describing your relevant experience 

Save interviewing time

Your initial video will mean that you will reduce time and costs incurred travelling to first stage interviews

Interview anywhere and anytime

Not only will you save time, but you won't have to book time off to attend interviews as you can complete the Odro video on your phone, computer or tablet from anywhere that's convenient for you 

Form ID:6129

Save time and reduce your Time-To-Hire

Our recruiters will do the heavy lifting on your behalf, interviewing candidates, often conducting the interview with your pre-set technical questions. We then merge their CV and a short video showcasing there skills with the ultimate goal of replacing your 1st round interviews

Quick processes for urgent hires

Cutting out the need for initial telephone/video interviews means you can shortlist the candidates you want to bring in for a 2nd round all from our handy portal where you can leave comments and arrange interviews from straight away

View from anywhere

Need access to your shortlist from the office, home or on the go? You can access our portal from anywhere on any device so if you want to show the hiring manager a CV in your meeting you can!

GDPR compliant

Odro sits within our cloud CRM Bullhorn and therefore all the data is shared to you in a secure, safe format and brings a higher level of compliance to your recruitment process 

Form ID:6129