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Life at Pioneer

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What's it like at Pioneer?


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Our incentives?


0-5 Years?

We are a group of very focused recruiters that enjoy what we do and take great pride in our endeavours to deliver. Working for us is like joining a big family, you will start off typically as a trainee, mentored and coached by industry leaders and Directors with over 40 years' combined experience.

You will be customer and candidate facing from day one and be encouraged to develop your own style, after all this is a people business!

What does successful look like at Pioneer? You will need to consider yourself as professional, ethical, a hard-worker and most importantly obsessively curious.

We support a broad range of clients from FinTech start-ups, major corporates across Finance & Insurance, Electronics innovators across the UK, Europe and Middle East

Happy to work in a corporate environment? We work with high end corporate clients; therefore, we want you to look the part – Suited and booted, but casual on Fridays.

Interest in Technology or Electronics? Although prior knowledge is not required, a strong interest in these sectors is necessary to enjoy your day to day job.

Like working Face to Face? Here at Pioneer Search we take great care and interest in our candidates and clients. Therefore, we need someone who is happy to meet, greet and interact with them on a personal level.

Enjoy not being tied to a desk? The nature of this work requires you to go out for breakfasts, lunches, coffees, etc. with clients and candidates. London is your office.

Are Sales, Presentations and Pitches your strengths? You will be an advocate for your candidates and for Pioneer, so good communication skills are essential.

Interested in Contract and Employment Law? It's more than just having the talk, you've got to have the knowledge to back you up.

We like to reward you for your hard work! Our industry has changed for the better over the years and our rewards reflect that;

  • Monthly team nights out for everyone
  • High achiever lunches at some of London's best venues
  • Early finish on Fridays
  • Drinks fridge with beers, wine and soft drinks
  • Massive discount on over 250+ UK retailers & restaurants
  • Office music
  • Summer Party at Royal Ascot
  • Office showers, secure cycle storage
  • 30% commission

What could you career look like at Pioneer?

  • Graduate to Divisional Leader
  • £20,000 to £100,000+ OTE
  • Base salary increases of £3,000+ per promotion 
  • Define how you want your desk to run and have the freedom to learn and develop
  • Become an industry leader in your market 
  • Grow with a business and truly make a difference to Pioneer & your career 
  • Progress faster than many of your peer groups within the same time frame 
  • Travel for business, possibly even open an office?


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    Free phone insurance

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    28 days holiday

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    Charity day off

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    30% Comission

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    12% off Apple

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    High Achievers


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