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Life at Pioneer

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0-5 Years?

Are you looking for a grownup, more agile workplace where you can be yourself and recruit top Tech talent without stepping on anyone’s toes? Well, you sound just like the next Pioneer we want…

Our primary mandate at Pioneer Search has always been to be offer more than just a CV machine to our clients and to be the trusted advisor to our candidates. 

Our clients have big hiring plans and we are still in a candidate short market-place, we are looking to win business and grow our candidate base and we'd like you to join us in driving Pioneer Search forwards!

We can offer a new home to individuals who want to be part of a smaller organisation where you can be yourself in a friendly and supportive environment and put your own stamp on your market! 

  • No threshold commission: We pay up to 30% on contract and permanent  
  • Flexible working: We have now moved to a totally flexible working model where we currently do 3 days in the office and 2 days working from home with an early finish of 3pm on a Friday 
  • No toes to step on: Our friendly supportive work ethic will allow you autonomy to build upon a market you’re passionate about. We have endless opportunities with our database of over 2000 clients and leads on our database ripe for the picking. We just need you to be ambitious enough to go after them! If you’re successful, Pioneer is successful 
  • Christmas & Summer party: previous events have been Ascot, Sandown, Amsterdam, Barcelona etc. 
  • Incentives: Quarterly high achievers, with dining at some of London’s top restaurants 
  • Breakfast/unlimited drinks fridge: When you are working in the office, we will provide you with fresh fruit, breakfast, and drinks of course! 
  • Company laptop: To facilitate the ability to work from home we will buy you a new laptop which will be set up for you from day one  
  • Personalised marketing: We want you to bring your own marketing ideas to the table (whatever they are) and we will make them happen!  
  • Distinctively different: Our innovative edge and personal touch set us apart from other agencies  

Mark Warburton set up Pioneer Search 9 years ago to deliver a consultative recruitment experience for candidates within IT and clients within Financial Services. Since then Pioneer has grown and evolved into the business it is today.

We have 6 teams; Core Technology, Agile, Change & Product, Cyber Security & Cloud, Data & Analytics, MedTech & BioTech and Electronics Engineering.

Within the teams Consultants focus on different areas such as; Software Development, Infrastructure & Cloud, Biotechnology, AI, Embedded, Data Science, Medical Devices, Electronics and Agile & Change.

If you would like a confidential chat about what we could offer you here at Pioneer Search get in touch: 


What could you career look like at Pioneer?

  • Graduate to Divisional Leader
  • £20,000 to £100,000+ OTE
  • Base salary increases of £3,000+ per promotion 
  • Define how you want your desk to run and have the freedom to learn and develop
  • Become an industry leader in your market 
  • Grow with a business and truly make a difference to Pioneer & your career 
  • Progress faster than many of your peer groups within the same time frame 
  • Travel for business, possibly even open an office?

Pioneer Search office print rooms southwark
Pioneer Search office southwark
Pioneer Search prize wheel
Pioneer Search office pool table


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    Free phone insurance

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    28 days holiday

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    Charity day off

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    30% Comission

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    12% off Apple

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    High Achievers


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