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Diversity & Inclusion

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At Pioneer Search we are proud of our standards and champion the promotion of Diversity & Inclusion within all of our clients. 

We believe that giving our clients a diverse pool of candidates will give them the best talent possible and create a more successful team. At Pioneer we are proud to champion the promotion of careers in technology to women. On average only 19% of the UK Tech workforce is made up of women. We want to change that.

We looked back at our placements made in the last 2 years and found that 27% of all placements made were #WomeninTech and within our Agile, Change & Product team 41% of all placements made were female.

We also want to make sure every placement we make is the right one and that they come from a diverse background so check out our Diversity and Inclusion stats below which include our retenton rates, BAME placements and to see how we are leading the way in promoting D&I within the Technology sector:

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