Close up of circuit board. Green and orange printed circuit board with electronic conductive tracks and electronic pads. close up of Semiconductor silicon wafer ring in die attached machine Green printed electronic circuit board with glowing electronic conductive strips and electronic pads

Electronics & Semiconductors

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Green and orange printed circuit board with electronic pads and conductive tracks

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FPGA / Hardware Design / Analog / IC Design / RFIC / Digital IC Verification / PCB Layout / RF / Testing

Electronics & Semiconductors

What do we do?

Complimenting the Software Team, our Electronics and Semiconductor consultants are able to cater for all Hardware focused opportunities, thereby offering our clients a complete recruitment solution, with our vision being to go beyond a spot hire, but rather, to help our clients build Electronics teams.

For our candidates, you will work with experienced consultants knowledgeable in strict fields of Electronics, giving a balanced view of the market place and presenting opportunities across Europe, for some of the most ground breaking Integrated Circuitry projects taking place.

We have implemented the following sub categories, to allow for our consultants to be even more specialised within the following disciplines-

  • Analog & IC- Layout & Power
  • Hardware & FPGA Engineering
  • RF Engineering
Green and orange printed circuit board with electronic pads and conductive tracks



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