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Agile, Change & Product

Agile, Change & Product

What do we do?


Why choose us?

Pioneer Search supports the needs of experienced Change and Transformation Professionals and Companies seeking to hire them. We operate mainly in the UK, along with an international focus across the Europe and the UAE.

We build specialist, lasting relationships within the experienced Change and Transformation sector and have a proven background delivering both permanent and contract/interim resources to £100m+ change programs. 

The team at Pioneer has a real depth of knowledge within the Financial Services, Lloyds Insurance markets and FinTech industries. 

We source across interim, contract and permanent hires and our team's expertise covers;

  • Programme Directors/Managers
  • Transformation & Change roles
  • Product Managers/Owners
  • Continuous / Process Improvement
  • Business Architecture
  • Target Operating Model Specialists
  • Post-Merger Integration Specialists
  • Business Change Project and Programme Management
  • Business Analysis / Business Strategy & Communications
  • Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters  

Exciting roles Many of our clients are involved in leading-edge, next-generation technology and change projects, so you can count on being put forward for some exciting and challenging roles – both in the UK and internationally.

A better recruitment experience We take time to get to know you, find out what makes you tick, and discover precisely what you’re looking for.

A wide range of clients Our varied client base includes Finance, Lloyds Market Insurance companies, multidisciplinary software houses and FTSE 250 UK companies, including medical, travel, education and consultancy.

People who are easy to get on with Our special ingredient is our own staff. We are all friendly, approachable and reliable people who are firmly on your side.

Experienced staff The Pioneer Search team are all highly experienced recruitment professionals with an excellent in-depth knowledge of the specific roles and market sector they specialise in. We will coach you in interview techniques and salary negotiation and provide advice on how to choose your next career move.

Contractor care From your first day with Pioneer Search, you will be very well looked after. You will be assigned a dedicated contact who will be the ‘go to’ person whenever you have any questions. Your point of contact will also handle any contract changes on your behalf, explain the client’s timesheet and billing process, and ensure you are always paid promptly.

Straight talking We’re honest, straightforward people who tell it how it is. If you didn’t do that well at an interview, we will be candid with our feedback, so you can get it right the next time.

Speed of response We’re geared up to react with speed and efficiency, so that we can find you a new job in the shortest possible time. And we promise we will always get back to you when you have applied for a role. We will never leave you guessing.

Skill and expertise Our people are equipped with all the necessary skill, flair and expertise to match you to the job and the working environment that will suit you down to the ground.


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