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Pratap Vara

Associate Director - Cyber Security & Cloud


Hi, I’m Pratap

I am experienced Cyber Security and Cloud Technology Recruiter specialising in connecting forward-thinking Technology Consulting businesses across UK & Europe with the best talent to support their strategic growth and commercial success.

With a particular focus on building communities of hard-to-find talent, roles I recruit for include:

- Enterprise Security Architects/Consultants

- Senior Cloud Security Consultants

- Cloud Migration Consultants

- Technical Directors – Cloud

- Heads of Security/CISO


My Background

I am a Senior Technology Recruiter with over 9 years of industry experience. My career has largely focused on Infrastructure and Security and recently moving into the Cloud space. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing customers and candidates which has allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge and position me as a true expert in the industry.  A key focus of early career has been in the world of consultancy which I feel has given me the skills and knowledge to communicate with a wide range of clients and has taught me to adapt due to the ever changing nature of consulting.

As a hands-on Recruiter my focus is toward Senior Appointments across Security and Cloud Architecture through to Management/Director level.  

I graduated from Brunel University in 2008 and majored in the Business and Globalisation of Sport (Totally related to Recruitment!) I also took on a module for Psychology in Sports Coaching. I was a very keen cricketer and played to youth county level until the unescapable lure of Beer and partying at University put a stop to that! 


Why I joined Pioneer

I joined pioneer for the very simple fact that it was a grown up/adult environment at a point in my career where I wanted the opportunity to develop further skills including management and leadership. What was very apparent was the clear direction that Mark wanted to take Pioneer. It is a very honest and collaborative environment which was attractive to me. Nearly 6 years on, it certainly is the opportunity and environment that was sold to me!


Outside of work

Outside of work I spend a lot of time with family and friends and enjoy experiencing good food and wine.