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Jon Rogers

Senior Consultant - Data & Analytics


Hi, I’m Jon

I’m an experienced Technical Senior Consultant specialising in connecting forward-thinking businesses across the UK and EMEA with the best talent to grow their data, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

With a particular focus on building communities of hard-to-find talent, roles I recruit for include:

- Chief Data Officer

- Chief Information Officer

- Chief Technology Officer

- Head of Data and Analytics

- Machine Learning Engineer

- R&D Engineer

- Research Scientist


My Background

After studying French and Spanish at university and starting a Master’s in 19th Century French Politics, Philosophy and Literature, I made the logical decision to start a career in recruitment – I haven’t looked back since!

My experience comes from a predominantly media/digital sales recruitment background and I have now decided to specialise within the evermore pertinent MedTech and BioTech sectors. I am excited to expand Pioneer’s presence in the space and continue to deliver an exceptional experience, both to our candidates and clients alike.

A Cornishman at heart, I have now spent half of my life in the city and continue to love the hustle and bustle – however, I’m still very much at home on a beach.


Why I joined Pioneer

I chose to join Pioneer as they enable the opportunity to develop a successful career whilst maintaining professionalism and maturity throughout. We have a lot of fun working together and are very motivated by continually outdoing our past selves and seeing the amazing feedback we receive from candidates and clients.


Outside of work

Outside of work, I am a keen sportsman and musician and will throw myself at anything new.  



All sports, drums, piano, cooking, reading, the pub



My electric toothbrush running out of battery just as I’m about to brush (could probably do with an upgrade)