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India Mcgowan

Operations & Marketing Manager


Hi, I'm India

Having now been working within the Recruitment industry for over 7 years in both Recruitment and Office Management positions, I have developed a great insight into how the industry and the people work.

My role here at Pioneer has evolved from Office management to Operations and Marketing; ensuring the business is moving forwards both internally and externally. My overall goal is to make sure all of our Pioneer’s have the support they need to succeed!!


Why I joined Pioneer

Pioneer Search has given me the opportunity to grow what was an Office Management position into an Operations and Marketing one. I'm constantly given the chance to grow and learn as a person and in my career which is something I haven't experienced anywhere else. 


Outside of work

Outside of work you'll find me hitting up different bars/shops in London or heading back to Bristol to see my family and adorable nephews!



Music - everything from a bit of classical to techno and house, bottomless brunches (there's just no better way to start the weekend) and grey whippets.



Sitting in traffic, let's just say my clutch control isn't too good.