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François Ouzelet


After completing my Bachelor’s degree in International Business and my Master’s degree in International Management, I decided to pursue a career in Recruitment. Moving to London, a multi-cultural place, was a stepping-stone in my career and my life in general.  

At Pioneer Search, I engage with candidates and cients within the Electronics Engineering sector. With my colleagues, we aim to provide excellence and reliability to the industry experts, engineers as well as cutting edge companies within this business area. Our main focus is across the European market with organisations located in Germany, Netherlands, and the UK while attracting candidates from all around the globe. 

When I am not working, I enjoy football, watching more than playing. I also hang out with my friends in town or back home when I get the chance to return to France. I am also very interested in enriching my culture especially in arts and cinema, London represents a great place to develop those two hobbies.