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Alex Holliday

Recruitment Consultant - Technology


Hi, I’m Alex 

I’m an experienced Technology Recruitment Consultant specialising in connecting forward-thinking  businesses across the UK and Europe with the best talent to achieve/tackle/accomplish finding the best match in a highly talent short technical market.

Promotor and supporter of #WomeninTech  

With a particular focus on building communities of hard-to-find talent, roles I recruit for include:

- Medical Devices

- Electronics Engineering

- Semiconductors

- Software Engineers

- Embedded Developers

- Firmware Engineers


- Robotics

- 3D Printing

- Telecommunications

- Sensors


My Background

I am one of the EMEA recruiters at Pioneer Search, my specialism is resourcing highly Technical Engineers for the Electronics and MedTech sectors.

The typical roles which I see are constantly changing every day and have the biggest impact on our daily lives. This ranges from my electronics clients who are making amazing products to make our lives easier, such as wireless charging, bluetooth headphones, satellites or motion sensors all the way to my MedTech Engineers who work to make us healthier diagnosing illnesses, robotic and prosthetic limbs and 3D printing lungs and hearts.

I moved to London immediately after finishing university in South Africa, life here is more fast paced and London is great for opportunity, maybe not so much for the sun but I can live without that for a while.

If you took the time to read this, Thank you, why not give me a call… let’s have a chat


Why I joined Pioneer

Working at Pioneer Search has been great, they have given me the opportunity to grow my own desk and develop business in new markets and following trends. This is all part of the Pioneer journey, so I appreciate the responsibility so early in my career.


Outside of work

Outside of work I spend my time exploring London, I love the history here and you will usually find me in a museum or at some castle or palace. While I have been welcomed warmly as a Londoner I still feel like I have a long way to go as a tourist, which is great.



Technology recruitment is perfect for me as I am such a tech nerd. I love to learn about the latest tech advancements, and I can talk about this all day which is what drives me to do what I do. When I place a candidate who builds something interesting, I genuinely feel like I am part of that which is amazing.

I also love abit of small talk, weather chats and how I have never seen the snow before.



When toast is not properly toasted, for me if toast isn’t black, it is just warm bread. And chatty dentists