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Tech Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

Technology has been at the forefront of every sector in the last year as businesses scrambled to deal with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

New tech has emerged and thrived in the ‘new normal’ and the reliance on technologies such as the cloud has seen companies push forwards with their digital transformation.

As the Tech market continues to boom, check out our predictions for Tech in 2022 and beyond:



The pressure for higher-speed internet and the change to a hybrid working structure has pushed the evolution of 5G technology in 2022. This technology will have massive effects on most industries due to the transition of the speed and amount of data that can be transferred, on top of the quality of the connection.


AI Technology to Replace Skilled Workers

In 2022 and beyond, the growth request for artificial intelligence (AI) will be high. Consequently, some costly and high skilled workers could find their job security vanishing. Many assignments in IT, finance and the medical field are monotonous and have defined processes with a restricted number of expected outcomes, which is perfect work for AI.

Therefore in 2022, the notable amount of ongoing work in making machines ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ will continue, with the aim for them to interchange with humans as naturally possible.


Cyber Security and the Cloud

The global pandemic has said to have served as a stimulus for business and security decide to opt for cloud services. Consequently, with maximizing relocation to the cloud, businesses and cybersecurity leaders need to set and apply several security policies in association to various current technologies in the next year and beyond.


Quantum Computing

A quantum computer is a type of computer that uses quantum mechanics so it can perform definite kinds of computation more effectively than a classical computer can.

As of now, quantum computers have begun performing fundamental tasks, and in the future researchers will advance slowly towards the threshold of quantum computers being able to solve furthering solutions to challenges.


Autonomous Driving Technology

Developments in autonomous driving technology will carry on into 2022. For Example, Honda lately reported its mass proceedings of driverless cars, and Tesla’s autopilot has been developed to control movement on the lane and to also recall road signs and traffic signals. Other car brands such as Ford and Mercedes-Benz will also focus on embracing autonomous driving technology into its new models for the market in 2022.