Our Pioneers

Our Pioneer's - Five for Five with Alex Holliday

We grabbed five minutes with Alex to gather his thoughts and insight on his journey with Pioneer Search so far.  

What is your proudest moment since joining Pioneer Search?

I am coming up to nearly 7 years at Pioneer now with several proud moments of note.

I can remember every placement I have made; each one has had its own individual challenges we have had to overcome. The feedback from my placements is consistent, we do things differently at Pioneer offering a higher quality service than our competitors. While not a moment, I am particularly proud that I have managed to pass the quality of service down to my team and trainees whose reviews on Google and LinkedIn are overwhelmingly positive.


What do you enjoy the most about working at Pioneer Search?

The people.

I get to work with my best friends


What are you most looking forward to in the coming year with Pioneer Search?

My development desk is growing. Now that I am team lead for development the challenge is not only growing our client base but also our own recruiters servicing the development market. I am looking forward to my own team expanding and getting to train more talent, including grads on how to be the best recruiters.


Go back to when you first joined Pioneer, what advice would you give yourself? 

Sometimes it takes a while to make your first placement, don’t give up; trust the advice of the people around you and the faith they put in you.

& ATD (Attention to detail) – Thanks to Pratap Vara for teaching me this; he really does know what he is talking about.


What key piece of advice would you give to a recruiter considering joining Pioneer Search? 

Try listening to the way the Senior Consultants do business; you will learn so much, not just of the industry, but general professionalism and quality in sales that will stay with you for your entire career.

Surround yourself with great people who make the ups and downs of recruitment worthwhile; one of the reasons you may join a small business like Pioneer Search is the quality approach we have

to recruitment.


Due to continued growth, Pioneer Search are looking for recruiters to join Alex and the rest of the Pioneer Search team. 

Whether you’re actively in the market for a new opportunity or simply curious to learn more about our story and what it’s like working at Pioneer Searchget in touch today for a confidential chat