Our Pioneers

Our Pioneer's - Why India Joined Pioneer Search

Our culture and people are at the heart of what makes Pioneer Search, well, Pioneering! Our consultative and knowledgeable approach comes from the fact that all our Pioneers love the sector they work in and want to know everything about it whilst also making sure their candidates and clients are happy. 

In our Pioneers series, we’ll take a look at why they joined us and what makes them a true Pioneer.

Up next, India, Operations & Marketing Manager

My Background

I’m from a small town in the Cotswold’s, so the bright lights of London had always appealed to me.

Not knowing what I wanted to do, I applied for a PA to a CEO position – straight out of university with no experience (as you do). The recruitment agency who advertised the job offered me the role of Team Assistant after having an initial interview with me, starting my journey in the recruitment world.

Eight years into the recruitment industry, I’ve developed a great understanding of how the industry and people work.

My role here at Pioneer has evolved from office management to marketing and operations – ensuring the business continues to move forward. My overall goal is to make sure all our pioneers have the support they need to succeed.

Why I joined Pioneer

From the offset, Mark Warburton, the Director of Pioneer Search, said my role could continue to grow as the company did, so the idea of being an integral cog of a company with a vision and a growth plan was super appealing to me.

Pioneer Search has allowed me to grow from office management into a marketing and operations position. I’m always given the opportunity to continue growing and developing my career here, something I haven’t experienced anywhere else.

The hiring process

I was at a crossroads with my career - I knew I didn’t want to stay as a recruiter, the sales life isn’t for me, but I also couldn’t go back into the office management position I had been in previously.

The first time I met Mark, I knew that Pioneer would be a great fit for me and that he would be someone I could continue to learn from.

After two meetings, I was offered the job over a lunch, and I instantly said yes (of course, the epic burrata had nothing to do with my decision), and five years later, I can safely say it was the best decision I could’ve made!

My journey at Pioneer so far

I was thrown in at the deep end when I first joined, learning on the job as you do with most operations roles, but with Mark’s guidance and support, I quickly grasped the processes, and the direction Pioneer Search was heading in.

As I helped the company grow with new hires, so did my role. I’ve not only gained further responsibilities within operations but also marketing experience as well. With the help of a creative agency, I have taken Pioneer Search from having no social presence to a trusted and reliable voice in the industry with (if I don’t say so myself) a pretty slick finish!

It’s been a tough time for all recently, and I’m lucky enough to have been part of a company that looked after their staff throughout, where we have come out of everything as a strong team. We have already had a great start to 2021, and I can only see the company moving one way, and that’s forwards, which will inadvertently mean that my role will grow again, which is a challenge I am very much looking forward to!